Miss Virginia 1933 Evangeline Glidewell - 4th place

Evangeline loved beauty pageants, particpating as Miss Danville and Miss Virginia for two years. Most record books do not note how close she was to winning it all; Evangeline was announced as one of the final four and went off-stage to change into an evening gown for the coronation event. She vividly recalled the thrill of the contest, and how packed the days and nights were with events and constant judging, as well as constant costume changing.

1930 Glidewell family census form - Danville, VA
1930 census data, Danville, VA
Edmond T. Glidewell 44 (VA) gas fitter for the city
Arlin B. 36 (VA), Evangaline 15 (VA), Edmond T. Jr 8 (VA), Mary J. 6 (VA)
Evangeline was born in Virginia on February 20, 1915, the oldest child of Edmond and Arlin Glidewell.

Evangeline from the panorama shot - age 18

Evangeline Glidewell, 18, was well known as a local beauty, and her first beauty contest was in Danville in March, 1933 when she was chosen Miss Danville at the Capitol theater, in a competition of 49 girls. She was crowned Miss Virginia in a contest held at the Byrd theatre in Richmond on Thursday night, August 31, 1933, and as the newspaper reports, nearly every Virginia city was represented in the statewide competition.

Singing was her talent. Although there was no talent portion of the Miss America Pageant in 1933, Evangeline said "when WBTM first opened up I used to sing down there as a regular performer." She went to Atlantic City accompanied by her mother.

9/5/1933 Atlantic City - Evangeline on far left
WI WV OH DE MI VA NJ (backside)
Evangeline was Miss Danville in 1933 and 1934
Caption on picture at right, which was featured in some newspapers nationwide: "Here are some of the beauties from the Middle Atlantic States enjoying a stroll along the boardwalk after they arrived in Atlantic City to compete for the title of "Miss America" in the annual Atlantic City beauty pageant. They are, left to right: Evangeline Glidewell, "Miss Virginia"; Geraldine Glassman, "Miss Pennsylvania"; Ruth Le Roy, "Miss Atlantic City" and Hostess to the Beauties; Elsa Donath, "Miss New York City"; Dorota Dennis, "Miss Maryland"; Gertrude Christman, "Miss New Jersey"; Victoria George, "Miss Delaware"; and Flo Myer, "Mss New York State." (reference reverse side of photo.)

The Atlantic City newspapers featured a large portion of their last article to Evangeline, who was fourth at the Pageant:
Miss Virginia Fourth.
These were gradually eliminated to 16, 12, and then four. Miss Virginia, Evangeline Glidwell, 20-year-old brunette, of Danville, Va., was in the final judging when "Miss America" and her two runners-up were named. After the four beauties were announced the girls left the stage to dress in evening clothes. Meanwhile Arthur Scott Brook, Auditorium organist, gave the first public concert from the $1,000,000 instrument. The girls returned in evening clothes, each on the arm of a uniformed Morris Guardsman. When the name of the new "Miss America" was announced, she was accompanied to the stage by Director Nichols amid great applause. Miss Bergeron was then escorted to the center of the stage by Morris Guardsmen, where Director Nichols placed on her head the jeweled crown significant of the title "Miss America."

Evangeline "Van" Glidewell - 1933
After returning home, Evangeline continued to participate in beauty contests in 1934 and 1935, retaining her title as Miss Danville and Miss Virginia. In 1940 Evangeline was newly married.

1954 article: Evangeline "outlined vivdly the thrill and surprise the big event gave her. She recalled the days packed with dinners, the theatre, photography, modeling, balls, and the various judgings as well as the variety of costumes the girls had to wear. Mrs. Newman related that they were being judged constantly, everywhere they went, by persons unknown to them who mingled with the crowds."

"Although she was offered various contracts, including an offer to make a screen test for RKO Studios, Mrs. Newman turned them all down. 'I just wasn't interested in it, and I've never regretted not going,' she said. 'I might have made more money but I couldn't have been any happier.'" In Danville whe worked with the deparment store as a buyer for four departments -- jewelry, hosiery and scuffs, handbags and belts and gloves.

Evangeline had a single child, daughter Evangeline (little "Van").

Social Security Death Index: EVANGELINE G NEWMAN, date of birth: 20 Feb 1915, date of death: 27 Dec 1997 (P), last residence: 24541 (Danville, Danville City, VA), last benefit: (none specified), social security number: 224-07-2474, place issued: Virginia

NEWMAN, JAMES 09 Feb 1906 Aug 1980 74 24541 (Danville, Danville City, VA) 24541 (Danville, Danville City, VA) Virginia 231-38-2907
-- I have been in touch with Evangeline's brother, daughter and granddaughter since 2004. I simply called her brother who still lived in Danville.