Miss Oregon 1933 - Unknown (did not compete)

July 31, 1933 newspaper ad
A Miss Oregon was listed in the July 31st Cape Girardeau, MO newspaper article (at right). It is known that Miss Oregon did not compete in Atlantic City in September; it is unknown if she made it to Missouri, and the Cape Girardeau newspaper for the following day specifies there were only seven state queens, omitting Miss Oregon and Miss Texas.

According to Miss Illinois Lillian Kroener's 1936 Romantic Movie Stories exposé, the only Miss Oregon(s) were from St. Louis! Briefly Lillian herself wore a Miss Oregon banner, and then some unknown other woman from St. Louis.

Carrier confessed to me that he was stuck! He had promised to have a "Miss Oregon" in the parade, and none was available. For the first time, he suggested, I would be "Miss Oregon". In the meantime, he'd have to dig up another "authentic Miss Oregon."
Maybe I was hypnotized -- I don't know. Anyhow, I'd heard for years about "Steve Brodie", so I was willing to try anything once. I put on my bathing suit and neatly pinned the white satin banner, "Miss Oregon", across it.
The bands screamed and the people cheered as we girls hoofed it to City Hall. And was I thrilled? The Mayor and the other big officials stood on the steps. But who were standing beside them but the very judges who, only a week before, had chosen me third in the Missouri contest? Actually, I thought I was going to faint. But, I didn't!
I went through with it, ridiculous as it was. There was no ducking. I was introduced to His Honor as "Miss Oregon", and welcomed to St. Louis with a very pretty speech. Then I was led over and personally introduced to each of the judges. They took one good look at me, and then some of them burst into screams of laughter! They didn't "give me away", however.
That night, the genuine "Miss Oregon" appeared to wear my banner at the Country Club. No wonder she arrived so quickly, because she, like I, was a St. Louis girl, although she hadn't appeared in any of the local contests, and so, wasn't recognized.

It is assumed that since the July 31 newspaper lists a Miss Oregon and the August 1 newspaper does not, whatever St. Louis woman who was tapped by promoter James Carrier for the "honor" withdrew on July 31st.

Note: Miss Texas was a contestant on the Whistle Stop Tour in St. Louis, just previous to this article, but she does not compete in Atlantic City. The contestants from the other seven states mentioned were on the seven-week Whistle Stop Tour, and all competed in Atlantic City.