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Atlantic City is the world's premier pleasure and health resort. In the charms of novelty and everlasting variety it surpasses the most celebrated of European Watering Places. It is the marine metropolis, a city of surprises. Not even the famed Brighton of England, the chateau region of Switzerland, the bath districts of Carlsbad, nor the Mediterranean with its Monte Carlo, Nice and Naples compare with it in popularity, comfort, pleasure and health-giving qualities, the four Seasons through.
      A magnificant strand, unsurpassed for bathing, a wondrous esplanade or boardwalk, more than eight miles in length, charming by day with its array of beauty and fashion, and brilliant by night with its wealth of illumination, Atlantic City is the Mecca of 20,000,000 annual visitors from every clime.

Ideal Location
      Atlantic City is located on Absecon Island, five miles from the New Jersey mainland, which the Indians called absegami, meaning literally, "Land Across the Bay," or seashore. Here there is a sense of holiday in all that pertains to this City-by-the-Sea -- a holiday of ease and pleasure, a realm of delights and joys, beneficiently designed by nature to present an ideal climate as an all-year-round pleasure and health resort.

Equable Climate
      Facing due south, with the proximity of the warm waters of the Gulf Stream flowing by its shores and the protection of the health-giving Jersey Pine Belt in winter and a prevailing sea breeze in summer, an equable temperature and ideal conditions for restful, recreative enjoyment are, at all times, assured.

Remarkable Growth
      The founders of Atlantic City prophesized that if would stand pre-eminent as a resort. Almost as if by the waving of a magician's wand, Atlantic City has risen Alladin-like from the very bosom of Old Neptune in the comparatively brief period of half a century. Where once the lashing waters spent their fury against the barren sand dunes, the shifting sands of Time have piled high along the Absecon court and the receding waters have left a veritable Paradise of Pleasure that man has improved by the recreation of a Dream City. In 1854 a few fishing shacks occupied the new formed beach; now mastodonic marvels of hotel construction, rising triumphantly from the sapphire sea, form a cameo silhouette against the sky. They are the peer of any in the world -- the last word in comfort, service and luxuriousness.

      Atlantic City is a City of Hotels, large and small. Every day of the year guests are provided with the comfort and elegance of the finest metropolitan hostelries. Many are pretentious structures built for all year service, representing the latest ideas in concrete and steel construction.
     In all, there are twelve hundred hotels of all sizes, as well as numerous cottages and apartments. The moderate priced houses furnish accommodatons of superior excellence and convenience for the tariff charged. A greater number of the hotels here are open the year through.

Transportation Facilities Unequalled
      The fastest train and the fastest nine trains in the world run to and from Atlantic City. Through trains run from Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburgh, Washington, Baltimore and Chicago. The rolling stock is the finest. The double-tracks of the Pennsylvania and Reading Systems are level, stone-ballasted and protected by automatic block signal systems. The Pennsylvania tunnels under the Hudson connect Broadway with the Boardwalk. The Central Railroad of New Jersy and the Reading Railway run over an interesting route.
      Atlantic City has become a recognized "All Year Tourist Resort," affording visitors the privilege of purchasing "Tourist" round trip tickets from any point at any time. Trolleys afford interesting excursions to Ventnor, Margate, Longport, Absecon, Pleasantville, Somers Point and Ocean City. Motorists from New York and Philadelphia have the choice of several routes from the mainland to Atlantic City. The famous "White Horse Pike,"" and "Black Horse Pike," leading from Camden to Atlantic City, are two of the finest stretches of concrete roadbuilding in the world.

The Famous Boardwalk
      Atlantic City invented the Boardwalk and while other resorts the world over have been content to tamely copy, she has lengthened and strengthened, rebuilt and renewed, until the present structure is sixty feet in width and stretches for eight miles along the ocean front.
      The life, the light, the color that one sees on this promenade during the early evening hours are indescribable. The animation, the overflowing good nature, the laughter and contagious hilarity of this joyful throng is irresistible. The great bazaars, the colorul shops of all nations, the attractive national exhibits, the bouyant merriment of the children, the fleets of rolling chairs, the perpetual fashion parade, all blend into one beautiful panorama of supreme enjoyment and recreation.

Ocean Piers
      Extending seaward from the Boardwalk are six ocean piers -- in all the world the greatest series of piers devoted to pleasure. Concerts, theatres, dancing, fishing and net hauls are among the recreations that have added zest to the invigorating ocean breezes. Along this plaisance one finds playhouses of metropolitan distinction and attractions.
      Atlantic City's Boardwalk is a metropolis in itself -- a metropolis of joy -- a metropolis of amusement -- a metropolis of health -- a metropolis of wonderful sights that can be seen in no other place in the world except on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City.

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Convention Hall
      Many years ago it became increasingly evident that Atlantic City needed a large, properly equipped convention hall in which to house and adequately care for the ever increasing number of national conventions that visited its shores. For this purpose, under Mayor E. L. Bader, the municipal governent began the construction of the "World's Largest Auditorium and Convention Hall." After many hardships and obstacles the building was completed, and dedicated by Mayor A. J. Ruffu, on May 31, 1929.
      The Auditorium was bult at a cost of $15,000,000 and occupies seven acres of ground. It covers an entire city block and measures 350 feet in width by 650 feet in depth. It faces the boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean, where it is partly encircled by a splendid colonnade. This mammoth structure, by far the largest of its kind in the world, houses the world's largest auditorium, in addition to a ballroom, two large bathhouses and a 1,000-car garage.
      Some idea of the tremendous size of the building can be gleaned from the fact that, although the main auditorium will comfortably seat 41,000 people, and 5,000 more can be accommodated in the ballroom, the permanent population of Atlantic City -- 66,000 -- can be seated in the entire building at one time with room to spare.
      Steam trains can be operated to the ground floor entrances of the Hall, while ramps make it possible to drive automobiles from the street level directly to the main floor. Specially designed freight elevator and trucking equipment make it possible to handle the heaviest pieces of machinery and exhibits with ease.
      There is automatic heat and ventilating control throughout the structure, with an entire change of washed air every seven minutes
      The hall is an architectural gem. The frontal exterior is of Indiana limestone and marble, flanked by hundred-foot towers. Floodlights bathe the great structure at night. Along the boardwalk there is an arcade containing fourteen stores, faced with marble and ornamental bronze enframements, and with a richly decorated fifty-foot entrance to the Hall proper. There are also twenty-one stores at street level in the rear of the building.
      In the main auditorium the startling distances between enclosing walls, floor and ceiling are such that a thirteen-story building, five hundred feet long and two hundred feet wide could be placed with more than a hundred feet clearance on all sides. Despite the great size, through use of specially designed apparatus, a whisper in one end can be clearly heard in the other.
      The main auditorium contains the largest pipe organ in the world, with 32000 pipes of unprecedented size grouped along the fifteen 350-foot trusses that support the vast ceiling. There are no columns in the main auditorium to break the view, and in the fall, a full-size football gridiron can be laid down. A gross exhigit area of 268,000 square feet is available, with 10,000 square feet additional for separate exhibits. There are also a number of small meeting rooms, the smallest of which seats one hundred and fifty persons.
      The main auditorium also contains the largest stage in the world, with complete equipment to handle the greatest of shows. Beside this, there is an immense motion picture booth and a gigantic ice skating rink.
      In the front of the building, facing the ocean and boardwalk, with a spacious balcony, is the "World's most beautiful Ballroom." This room is used for theatrical shows, conventions and public events. It can seat 5,000 persons and is complete with stage and motion picture equipment, public address systems, and organ. It is richly decorated and beautifully lighted with ever-changing colored lights. Cooled by ocean breezes in the summer, it is the favorite spot for social events.
      In the basement of the building, beneath the floor of the main auditorium, is a large garage capable of holding 1,000 cars at one time. Entrance to the garage is by ramps from the street level, one ramp for entrance and one for exit.
      A feature of the Auditorium is radio station WPG, owned by the city and operated under lease by the Columbia Broadcasting Company. It is at the disposal of the Auditorium and Atlantic City events as well as conventions for broadcasting of meetings and entertainment programs.
      Some interesting statistics regarding the building are as follow:
          (1) 12,000 tons of structural steel were used,
          (2) 18,000 tons of reinforced steel,
          (3) 42,000 cubic yards of concrete
          (4) 65,000 barrels of cement used,
          (5) 10,000,000 bricks laid,
          (6) 4,000,000 feet of electric wiring,
          (7) 200,000 tons of sand excavated for foundations,
          (8) 80,000 feet of steam pipe.
     Atlantic City is proud of its auditorium, and well it may be, for it is the greatest project of its kind ever undertaken, and the greatest, as well as the largest and most beautiful "Auditorium and Convention Hall" in the world.

Home Life.
     Take away its hotels, its piers, its Boardwalk, its Convention Hall -- and Atlantic City will compare favorably as a "home" town with any residential section along the coast. The whole island is dotted with artistically built homes of all types, from the modest little bungalow on the city lot to the palatial residence on the country estate. Broad, well-paved avenues, walks bordered with trees, green lawns, well-kept gardens, flowered terraces, unusual landscape effects, excellent trolley service, ample police and fire protection, fine drinking water, adequate electric and gas service, all help to make Atlantic City an ideal all-year residential center.
      More than 250,000 bathers disport in the ocean daily during the summer season. The public and parochial schools provide for about 13,000 pupils. There are one national bank and three trust companies. Deposits in these institutions total upwards of $50,000,000.
      Atlantic City has 43 churches of all denominations, a handsome public library with 47,000 volumes. There are miles of trolley lines, 2 daily and weekly newspapers, 2 hospitals, 5 country clubs, 3 yacht clubs, modern garages, a new magnificent high school building, costing $1,750,000, and the Convention Hall costing $15,000,000.
      Many national and international conventions hold their meetings in Atlantic City annually and the resort has come to be known as "The Convention City." Our slogan is "Atlantic City All the Time" and it has been heard in every corner of the Globe.
      Atlantic City is governed under the Commission form of government. Five men compose the commission. They are Mayor Harry Bacharach, Commodore Louis Kuehnle, Joseph A. Paxon, William Cuthbert and Judge Robert L. Warke. The City Hall is located at Tennessee and Atlantic Avenues.

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picture of the Honorable Harry Bacharach, mayor of Atlantic City

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Atlantic City Pageant, 1933
      An endless kaleidoscope of rich and flaming color: glittering carnivals, where thousands pay homage to winsome maids superlatively alluring in face and form.
      That in a word sums up the internationally famous Atlantic City Pageant which holds forth here September 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
      But it cannot picture the wondrously thrilling and varied events of this stupendous affair. Nor does it adequately describe the picturesque processions of feminine pulchritude; gorgeous flower-bedecked floats; myriads of streaming banners; masquerade carnivals; gleaming white yachts; racing aeroplanes and the host of other features that attract the multitudes to this world-famous resort during Pageant Week.
      The Atlantic City Pageant has come to be an affair of real national significance. More than one hundred cities in each state in the Union take a close personal interest, since every state sends its most beautiful young woman to compete in the National Beauty Tournament, contesting for the crown and the title of America's Most Beautiful Bathing Girl.

American Beauty Ball
     On Tuesday, September 5, with the arrival of the beauties marked by fitting ceremonies, they will be met at the Convention Hall by a reception committee headed by the Mayor, the Director General of the Pageant, the Atlantic City Court of Honor, composed of the resort's most beautiful young women; escorted to their respective suites in the best beachfront hotels.
      The Great American Beauty Ball and reception in honor of the visiting beauties will be held on Wednesday evening, to be attended by all city officials and their wives and daughters; members of the Pageant Committee, distinguished guests and visiting newspaper men with their wives or sweethearts.

Bathers' Revue
      The Bathers' Revue, one of the most spectacular events on the entire Pageant Program, and one extemely typical of Atlantic City, will this year be held on the Boardwalk and in the Auditorium. It takes place on Thursday afternoon.
      To provide the maximum comfort for the spectators who will gather for the Bathers' Revue, tiers of seats will be placed within the main Auditorium. Between lines of admiring onlookers, the bathing beauties will move at a leisurely gait. The judges will occupy a specially arranged box in the Convention Hall.
      The award of the Purse of Gold, the coveted honor of the annual Fall Frolic, to the most beautifuly bathing girl among the inter-state contestants, which features the National Beauty Tournament, will be made in the Convention Hall Ballroom on Saturday evening.
      For the professional beauties there will be a magnificent first prize and also second and third prizes. For the hundreds of other amateurs a great silver loving cup, elaborately engraved, will be the first prize. Two other trophies will be awarded.
      When the Bathers' Revue starts, it will have at its head the Mayor and city officials, all attired in resort apparel.

The Great Rolling Chair Parade
      Friday, September 8, will be one of the big days of the Pageant, when every rolling chair of the thousands or more in the resort will be requisitioned for the Rolling Chair Parade. Moving bowers of fragrant blossoms encircling beautiful girls; floats without number, massive and unique, bearing shapely maids, streaming banners and multitudes along the eight-mile wooden way roaring enthusiastic approval, while aeroplanes soar above and gleaming white yachts dip gracefully in the ocean's surge nearby.
      This but faintly describes the scene presented in this great afternoon carnial-on-wheels.
The fair inter-state beauty contest winners will be given the honor place in line. Each contestant will be seated in flower-enbowered chairs so arranged as to peculiarly typify the cities represented.
      Immediately following will come chairs and floats representing organizations, business houses and individuals, each in its proper division and all competing for the handsome cups and other trophies offered in this gala event. Half a hundred bands will be interspersed between the sections, furnishing continual floods of music.

Night of Merriment
      A Night of Merriment, excelling in extent and beauty, any Mardi Gras ever witnessed, is scheduled for Friday evening. The stage for this event will be the Great Atlantic City Auditorium. The building will be flooded with multi-colored lights and many nationally known bands and orchestras will furnish music for the gala affair.
      On the beach, in front of the Convention Hall, with the velvet black of the sea as a background, rockets and bombs will flare and roar continually, flooding the sky with rainbow hues.
      It will be pageantry on a gigantic scale, such as has never been witnessed before. For this event prizes will be awarded for all classes of participants.

Beauty Judges of International Fame
      Artists, sculptors and business men and women, internationally known, constitute the jury of judges in the beauty contest this year. With the conferring of the honor of America's Most Beautiful Bathing Girl will go the award of the Purse of Gold. The final selection and crowning of America's Most Beautiful Bathing Girl will take place on Saturday evening. This, of course, will be the gala event of the entire Pageant Program and one which everybody naturally desires to witness. The Pageant's festivities will close Saturday night.

Swimming Races
      Probably the greatest galaxy of world's swimming champions and district aquatic titleholders to ever compete at the shore will participate in the annual water championships held here under the auspices of the Pageant Directors. It included sprinting, middle and long-distance swimming, diving and relay racing. The meet has brought to the resort the country's finest male and female natators, including several of last year's Olympic champions.
      Details of the various events scheduled, together with a summary of the entire Pageant program, will be found on other pages of this program.

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Page 5

picture of Armand T. Nichols, Director General

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Page 6

Bathers' Revue, Thursday, September 7, 2:30 p.m.
Divisions, Classifications and prizes
     1. All Active Service Men
               Veterans of All Wars
               Army and Navy Posts and Military Organizations
               Two prizes
     II. Fraternal, Civic, Social Organizations, and Yacht Clubs -- Open to all Entries of Six or More Persons Representing some Fraternal, Civic, Social Organization or Yacht Club
               First prize for the greatest number of persons in line.
               Second prize for the best appearance.
               Third prize for the most novel idea.
     III. National Advertisers -- Open to any Single or Group Entry Directly representing some National Adveriser.
               First prize to the concern or organization having the largest number of persons in the group in line.
     IV. Amateur Beauties -- Open to any girl who is not a professional, i.e., actress, model, swimmer, etc.
               Two prizes awarded to the Girls judged the most beautiful as to face, form and costume.
     V. Professional Beauties -- Open to any girl who is a professional, actress, model, swimmer, etc.
               Two prizes as in Division IV.

Judging of Winners
The judging of Divisions I to V will take place Thursday afternoon during Bathers' Revue.
Prizes offered in all events of the Bathers' Revue will be awarded on Friday night, September 8th.

Rolling Chair Parade, Friday, September 8, 2:30 p.m.
Division Classification
      1. Inter-State Beauties.
      2. Municipalities
      3. Individuals.
      4. Organizations - Religious, Civic, Military or Fraternal
      5. Boardwalk Hotels.
      6. Avenue Hotels.
      7. Amusements - Bathing Establishments, Rolling Chairs, Cabarets, Piers, Theatres and all amusements.
      8. National Advertisers and Out-of-Town Exhibitors
      9. Railroads.
      10. Financial Institutions - Banks, Trust Companies, Title Companies, Building and Loan Associations,
               Real Estate, Insurance, Public Utilities.
      11. Boardwalk Merchants.
      12. Mercantile Divisions.
               Section A - Florists, Department Stores, Furniture, Musical Instuments, Boots and Shoes, Haberdashers, Tailors, Clothiers, Milliners, Ladies' Wearing Apparel, Jewelers, Opticians, Interior Decorators, Uphosterers, Novelties and Toys, Builders' Supplies, Hardware, Plumbing, Steam Fitters, Painting Contractors, Paperhangers, Lumber Dealers, Blacksmiths, Brick Dealers, Iron and Steel Dealers, Cement Products, Roofing Material, Tile, Contractors, Gas and Electric Fixtures.
               Section B - Automobiles, Automobile Accessories, Automobile Tires, Automobile Batteries, Automobile Painting and Renovating, Gasoline Stations, Garages, Sailing Yachts, Aviation, Bicycles and Motorcycles, Laundries, Dyers and Cleaners, Local Publications, Advertising Mediums, New Dealers, Machinery, Express and Storage, Stationers and Printers, Groceries, Meats, Bakeries, Ice Cream, Milk, Poultry, Butter and Eggs, Ice, Coal, Wood, Tobacco, Cigars, Fruits, Produce, Delicatessen, Restaurants, Drug Stores, Barbers, Hay and Feed, Miscellaneous.

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Page 7

Miss Atlantic City 1933. Meet Miss Ruth Lawry. Seventeen-year-old, black-haired beauty, who was selected as Miss Atlantic City, 1933, from a field of fifty contestants. She will be the official hostess of the 1933 National Pageant in the Auditorium, September 5th-9th. Ruth is a Junior in Atlantic City High School. 5 feel 3½ inches; weighs 112 pounds.

page 9
page 8
Pages 8-9 (the middle two facing pages)

Summary of Events

Tuesday, September 5, 1:00 p.m.
     Arrival of inter-state beauties at Convention Hall to be greeted by His Excellency, the Hon. A. Harry Moore, Governor of New Jersey; His Honor, Harry Bacharach, Mayor of Atlantic City; and other dignataries. Major Bacharach will present to the inter-state beauties the Key to the City. Photographs will then be taken.

Tuesday, September 5, 8:30 p.m.
     Reception and dinner tendered to inter-state beauties, newspaper men and honored guests at the Gateway Casino, Somers Point, N.J.

Wednesday, September 6
     10:00 a.m. - Judging of inter-state beauties in the Convention Hall.
     8:30 p.m. - Fashion Revue in the Ballroom of the Convention HJall.
     9:30 p.m. - American Beauty Ball and Reception in honor of the inter-state beauties competing for the title of "Miss America." Only ticket holders will be admitted.

Thursday, September 7
     10:00 a.m. - Judging of inter-state beauties in the Convention Hall.
     2:30 p.m. - Spectacular Bathers' Revue Parade starting in the Convention Hall, where the Major, City Commissioners, Judges and all honored guests wil be assembled to review the parade. The Revue will consist of six divisions including amateur and professional beauties, bands, municipal and business organizations, and national advertisers. All participants must be on time and in bathing costumes. Seats can be secured in advance.
     9:30 p.m. - National Beaurty Tournament in the Ballroom of the Convention Hall where the inter-state beauties will be judged in evening gown for three prizes. This event is known as Judging Most Beautiful Girl in Evening Gown.

Friday, September 8
     10:00 a.m. - Judging of inter-state beauties in the Convention Hall
     11:00 a.m. - Ocean Swim under auspices of Hygeia Swimming Club, F. B. Coll, Chairman, in front of Auditorium.
     2:30 p.m. - Grand Rolling Chair Parade of beautiful, decorated rolling chairs starting in the Convention Hall. This event will consist of bands, civic and fraternal organizations, and local and national business houses. Seats on reviewing stand in the Convention Hall, where all honored guests will have places and all judging will be done, can be purchased in advance.
      8:30 p.m. - Fashion Revue in the Ballroom of the Convention Hall.
      9:30 p.m. - Night of Merriment. This event will take place in the Ballroom of the Convention Hall and consists of dancing, general merriment and festivities.

Saturday, September 9
      2:00 p.m. - Ocean Swim under auspices Atlantic City Swimming Club, Joe Hackney, Chairman
      2:30 p.m. - Fashion Revue in the Ballroom of the Convention Hall.
      8:00 p.m. - Fashion Revue in the Ballroom of the Convention Hall.
      9:00 p.m. - Final selection and crowning of America's Most Beautiful Bathing Girl. This event is known as the "Coronation of Miss America, 1933."

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Page 10

Miss America ~ 1927

page 11
Page 11

Officers of the 1933 Pageant
Directors of the 1933 Pageant
Reception to Beauties
Reception of Distinguished Guests

page 12
Page 12

Coronation of Miss America - 1927

page 13
Page 13

Reception and Dinner to Newspaper Men and Beauties
Lists the Committees for American Beauty Ball, Bathers' Revue and Judging Most Beautiful Girl in Evening Gown

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Page 14


page 16
page 15
Pages 15-16

Committee Chairman and members
Swimming events, rolling chair parade, night of merriment, judges, hotel reservations, personnel committee, badges and prizes, pageantry and stage effects, floats, publicity, escorts, baggage committee, railroads, program, radio, Morris Guards, woman's committee, decorations, doctors, nurses committee, advisory committee, convention hall committee, massing of colors, music, police arrangements, budget, finance committee, ticket committee, Philadelphia committee, New York committee

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