1933 Miss America Pageant Book

Art Deco Style cover
The Pageant book was disappointing. Underscoring the lack of organization and communication, there is no identification of any of the contestants in the book! It was sold for 15 a copy, and while it did contain a daily schedule, the main point of the "souvenir album" seemed to be to advertise the promoters of the event and to advertise local businesses.

p.1 - Description of Atlantic City -- location, climate, growth of the city, hotels, transportation, boardwalk and ocean piers (click here for more details).

p.2 - Description of the new Convention Hall, dedicated in 1929, costing $15 million to build on seven acres (click here for more details).

p.3 - 8x10" picture of Atlantic City Mayor Hon. Harry Bacharach

p.4 - Summary of major events of the 1933 pageant -- American Beauty Ball, Bathers' Revue, The Great Rolling Chair Parade, Night of Merriment, Beauty Judges of International Fame, Swimming Races. "An endless kaleidoscope of rich and flaming color: glittering carnivals, where thousands pay homage to winsome maids superlatively alluring in face and form. That in a word sums up the internationally famous Atlantic City Pageant which holds forth here September 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. But it cannot picture the wondrously thrilling and varied events of this stupendous affair. Nor does it adequately describe the picturesque processions of feminine pulchritude; gorgeous flower-bedecked floats; myriads of streaming banners; masquerade carnivals; gleaming white yachts; racing aeroplanes and the host of other features that attract the multitudes to this world-famous resort during Pageant Week. The Atlantic City Pageant has come to be an affair of real national significance. More than one hundred cities in each state in the Union take a close personal interest, since every state sends its most beautiful young woman to compete in the National Beauty Tournament, contesting for the crown and the title of America's Most Beautiful Bathing Girl." (click here for more details)

p.5 - 6x8" picture of Director General Armand T. Nichols

p.6 - Detailed information of the Bathers' Revue and the Rolling Chair Parade -- five divisions of bathers and 12 divisions for the parade (click here for more details)

p.7 - 2x8" picture of Miss Atlantic City 1933 Ruth LeRoy

p.8 - Summary of Events for Tuesday Sep 5, Wednesday Sep 6, and Thursday Sep 7 (click here for more details)

p.9 - Summary of Events for Thusday Sep 7, Friday Sep 8 and Saturday Sep 9 (click here for more details)

p.10 - 8x10" picture of Miss America 1927

p.11 - Officers and Directors of the 1933 Pageant, and Reception Committees

p.12 - 8x10" picture of the Coronation of Miss America 1927

p.13 - Reception and other Committees

p.14 - advertisements (Burk's meat delicacie, Herman's Restaurant, 500 Club, Babette's Golden Inn)

p.15-16 - Committees and Chairmen

p.17 - full page advertisement for Popsicle Fudgicle