Miss America Pageant 1933

Welcome to my website in celebration of the 1933 Miss America Pageant. Several photographs in my mother's album sparked my interest in this pageant. Although I had known my mother had been Miss Iowa, I so regret never discussing the Pageant at length with her prior to her death in 1974. This website compiles the information I have been able to gather on the contest and all the contestants. I dedicate this website to my mom; I miss her.

The more information I gathered, the more intrigued I became. At first I only wanted to find the other seven MidWest contestants, to share the group photos I had with their families, and to share memories. However, I soon expanded the search to include all 31 contestants who arrived in Atlantic City that summer. Click on the links above to find out about the married contestants, women who tried out in more than one state, underage girls, professional contestants, dishonest judges, stolen crown, Mafia influence and more!

MidWest furs
MidWest suits

This site is not affiliated with the Miss America Organization, however, much research was done in conjunction with their historian, Ric Ferentz. I miss you Ric, RIP 2010.